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Members’ Contact Details

Do we want Sales and Wants?

Do we want a discussion forum?

Meeting minutes? (may not be required if Chris blogs instead)


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  1. Sales and wants yes, you never know when it might come in handy, minutes of meeting could go on and then we could review pat minutes as not everyone saves them on their computer once Chris has sent them out !
    Discussion forum I don’t know, should be out on the bike instead of taslking on the computer, butthen it might come in handy over Christmas !!

  2. Ludo, that is what the page called “Member’s Contact Details” is for! (See the link at the top of the page)

    So far only me, you and Frankie have completed their details. So everyone else, GET ON WITH IT!!!
    Cheers. Gaz

  3. Wouldn’t it be possible to have a list on the hidden page with photo’s, names, etc. about all members of the chapter? So for those who forget names , faces , addresses, phonenumbers, …it could be a help.

  4. Instead of sending e-mails out re ride outs or volunteers for egg run etc etc would it make more sense to post on the site, after all all members have access don’t they and we wouldn’t have to keep notifying re change of email addresses etc we just have to update our contact details on here???? The site would get some use then, wouldn’t it got to be worth a try, after all Garry’s hard work

  5. Hey, my birthday’s not showing!!. It’s due in the next 30 days. 16th March in case anyone is interested and wants to buy me something 🙂

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